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The Messages From Your Animal Companion Card Deck received these awards and is featured in the following publications:

*Animal Magazine of San Diego, Winter 2007/2008
(editor-selected featured gift)

*Animal Wellness Magazine, Approved Product Pick
Oct/Nov 2008,

*Awareness Magazine, January/February 2008 (product review)


What are in the Cards for your Animals?

LA Pet Examiner

Angelica's Cards Tell All!

Providing a Voice for Those Who Cannot Speak

Messages from your Animal Companion

Card Deck designed to enhance communication between animals and their human companions.

Getting your "Cards Read" aka "taking a peak into the future" has become as routine as
going out to lunch here in Hollywood Land. People want to tap into the unknown and see the light,
the path or find a quick fix regarding some area of concern in their lives.

Best known as Tarot Card readings.
Tarot Cards have a long history. They were used for fortune telling by both common people and royalty
The Tarot is used by people who want to gain a better insight on their lives and perhaps the future.
Tarot cards vibrate with the energy from the querent (person asking the question) and is amplified by the reader.
Since we are a part of the collective conscious, a good reader can amplify the energies to see well beyond the room.

Card Readings are no longer limited to us humans, local Angelica Del Mar saw the need for opening
a line of communication between Pets and their Parents.

Angelica's Cards were created to fulfill this gap. A deck of 55 beautiful (Oracle) cards that allow our
animal companions to convey important, amusing or reassuring messages  to us...
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Law of Attraction Internet Talk Radio
July 29, 2007.
Click on "Listen Live."
"Animals & The Law of Attraction"
dated July 29, 2007.

*Dawn of Shades Internet Radio,
Product Review, Fall 2007

*Dog Tales, Holiday Gift Trends, Dec 2007 scroll down

*Equine Wellness, heads up!, Fall 2008,

*Holiday Buying Guide 2008, New Leaf Distributing, Sidelines Buyer's Pick
* LA Pet Care Examiner What are in the Cards for your Animals? May 9, 2010, Becky Starr
*The Light Connection, Dec 2007 (product review)

*Modern Dog Magazine, Winter 2007/2008 (staff pick)

*New Age Retailer, Reviewer's Choice, Best Divination Product, Fall 2008

*New Spirit Journal, Dec 2007 (product review)

*Northbrook Star, July 17, 2008,nb-animalwalk-071708-s1.article

*Pet Boutique & Spa, Barkleigh Publications, June 2008
*Silicon Valley Tails, Dec 2007/Jan 2008 (article)

*SuperZoo, Product Award Winner, Sept 2007

*The Swanky Pup, blog, Sept 3, 2008,

*Vision Magazine, Dec 2007 (product review featuring staffer's personal experience using deck)

Angelica is a Certified Reiki Master,  Certified Reiki Drummer, and a Certified Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner. She has earned a Masters in Divinity (M.Div.) and a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Angelica is also a founder and was the first Marketing Director of Furry Friends Rescue ( and has worked in development, volunteer services and marketing for several non-profits serving senior citizens. She has personally delivered thousands of meals on wheels to homebound seniors. Angelica has been a vegetarian and an animal advocate since 1990. In her free time she enjoys hiking, dancing and going to dog beach with her best furry buddy. With a significant portion of the proceeds from sales of card decks, her dream is to establish Golden Years Rescue (, an organization that will enhance the lives of both companion animals and human senior citizens "to ensure truly golden years for all." Angelica is available for distance healings and readings. She is available for events in the Orange County, California area and occasionally in the Chicago, Illinois area. Angelica can be reached by sending e-mail to:

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007
7-9pm central
Angelica spoke about the
Messages From Your Animal Companion Card Deck
on The Dawn of Shades
Internet Radio Show
hosted by Gia Scott
on the Paranormal Radio Network